3-DAY EXCHANGE POLICY       


Consumer Auto Liquidators is proud to offer its exclusive 3-Day Exchange Policy!  CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy allows the Customer to decide if Customer wishes to keep the vehicle Customer purchases, or exchange it for a different vehicle in CAL’s large inventory.  


The following limitations, rules, and restrictions apply:


  1. Time Period.  The 3-day exchange period begins on the date Customer purchases the original vehicle and ends three calendar days following the sale date.  For example, if Customer purchases a vehicle on a Friday, Customer has until the following Monday to exchange Customer’s vehicle under CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy. Customer must physically present the original vehicle and Customer’s exchange Voucher to CAL, and must also reach an agreement with CAL regarding the sale terms for the exchange vehicle, within the 3-day exchange time period.


  1. Minimum Value of Exchange Vehicle.  In order for Customer to exchange the original vehicle under CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy, the exchange vehicle’s offered price must be equal to or greater than the purchase price of Customer’s originally purchased vehicle as determined by the purchase price identified on the original Vehicle Buyer’s Order.  The exchange vehicle must be presently offered for sale in CAL’s vehicle inventory. Under no circumstances will CAL refund any cash to Customer. Customer is responsible for any difference in the purchase price between the original vehicle and the exchange vehicle, as well as for all sales tax, license, and other fees relating to the exchange vehicle. Any negative equity on any trade-in vehicle for the original vehicle must be financed into the total price of the exchange vehicle.


  1. Maximum Mileage Limitation. In order to qualify for CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy, the original vehicle Customer is exchanging may not have more than 1000 miles from the time of sale through the date Customer elects to exchange the vehicle.


  1. No Damage to Vehicle.  In order to qualify for CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy, the original vehicle must be returned in the same condition the vehicle was in at the time of sale.


  1. Original Purchaser Only.  Only the original purchaser of the vehicle is eligible for CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy. Customer may not sell or assign the exchange Voucher.


  1. Limit One Exchange Per Customer.  Customer may only exchange a vehicle one time only. A Customer who takes advantage of CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy is not eligible to exchange the exchange vehicle.


  1. No liens. Other than a security interest placed at the time Customer purchased the original vehicle, the original vehicle must be exchanged free of any liens.


  1. Subject to Financing.  All vehicle exchanges are subject to approval of financing. Customer will not be eligible for CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy if Customer elects to finance the exchange vehicle and does not qualify for financing.


  1. Rescission.  CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy constitutes a voluntary rescission of the original sale and a new transaction for the exchange vehicle.


  1. Not Available on As-Is Sales.  CAL’s 3-Day Exchange Policy is not available for any vehicle sold As-Is and without any implied warranty.