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Google ★★★★★ October 20 2020

Russell Chartrey

I came to town specifically to check out a truck at another dealership, but wandered into CAL after that didn't work out and I'm glad I did. Celina was awesome and great to work with. I got a great price on my trade in and walked away with a great truck at a reasonable price. I will definitely consider CAL for my next vehicle

Google ★★★★★ October 1 2020

Aubrey Redwing

This has hands down been the best experience I have ever had purchasing a car... I have purchased quite a few in my day... I arrived at 11:30 and was driving away in my (Mercedes) 😳 🤩 by 2pm... Josh is my new Sales Associate for any car purchases in the future... His knowledge and winning personality made it actually a fun day... Nate was not too bad himself... 😉 First finance Manager I did not have to go rounds with... It was painless and I drove away feeling like we both won... I had one issue after the fact... My call was returned right away... Issue resolved promptly... Again... Everyone happy... I cannot wait to due business with these two again... It was a pleasure... Aubs... 😊♥️

Google ★★★★★ September 11 2020

Colleen Baker

CAL was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Our salesman, Josh — “Lugnut”— is THE MAN. He stayed late for us, pulled out numerous cars, and made sure we were happy and comfortable with the choice we made. He was incredibly kind, personable, and respectful throughout the process and even after. I came into CAL looking to replace my car due to Warranty issues caused by Toyota Auto nation. Working with Toyota was so incredible unpleasant, to say the absolute least. I was beyond nervous to have to go through the process again. Coming into CAL and working with Josh got me into an amazing truck and I could not be happier. We will never go anywhere else to buy a vehicle ever again. Thanks guys!

Google ★★★★★ September 6 2020

Tj Murphy

Great vehicles and staff to match will be back soon

Google ★★★★★ August 28 2020

Lindsey Bench

We had a wonderful experience buying a car through CAL Cars. We worked with Josh in Airway Heights and he didn't just help us buy a car, he went above and beyond to make sure we found the perfect car for our family. This required him to go on a day trip out to CDA to bring us a car they didn't have on their lot, but that he thought would be the one. And it turned out to be the one! He then worked out a great deal for our trade in. Josh was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and patient. Not pushy at all, just helpful. Our car was meticulously detailed, and when there was a small issue he arranged to have it repaired at no cost to us before we drove it off the lot. Great family owned company, and great employees. Ask for Josh and he will make sure you car dreams come true.

Google ★★★★★ August 7 2020

Justin Fowler

If you are looking for a used vehicle in the CDA area you should definitely check this place out. Their staff (Tim is great by the way) We traded in our SUV for a pickup truck and were treated kindly. They gave us a fair price for our trade and a fair price on the truck. I like the fact that they are local and you can reach them if you need help. If you want a hassle free buying experience I would highly recommend you come down and see them.

Google ★★★★★ July 30 2020

Kerri Smedley

Great customer service from Justin! He was so laid back and not the typically pushy car salesman which made the experience so much better. I had specific criteria and he was able to find me the perfect vehicle for a great price. Highly recommend Justin!

Google ★★★★★ July 21 2020


Outstanding customer service! Grant helped us find exactly what we needed. He showed us several vehicles, answered all of our questions, and was able to work out a deal for the car we wanted. Great inventory and family friendly place. Go see Grant for your next car — you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommend!

Cars ★★★★★ February 22 2020

Lonnie Eilmes

My guy Igor was great. Worked his butt of for me and we must have walked a mile together searching for what was perfect for us and Igor indeed did that.I would highly recommend buying from these people.

Cars ★★★★ January 31 2020

Honest Reviewer

I had the best worst service I've ever had. Less than 3 days into buying my truck and the check engine light came on. My wife was scared for future issueswith a new purchase car and wanted to get ride of it. Chris (the service manager) Kody ( the sales associate) and the rest of his team showed exceptional customer service. Everyone was so helpful, nice, respectful and wanted to ensure I was happy with their service, their company and with my purchase. So I ended up keeping the truck because of everyone's exceptional service. The only reason I did not leave a 5 star review was because I was shown the worst customer service I've ever received from George they call him G4 (the owners son). I was waiting over 2 hours to speak with George and he refused to talk to me. He stayed in his office the whole time. He would call his associates in the office over the intercom and refused to see the customers buying vehicles from his fathers dealership. How awful of a thing to do. 5 stars for CalCars team and 0 stars for George G4.

Cars ★★★★★ August 3 2019


Kody made buying this car easy thanks cals auto made get a car we liked easy told kody are payment range and we got it

Cars ★★★★★ June 16 2019

Carol Bitz

Emmanuel presented Intelligently, efficiently,and interested in our needs. He was Pleased to show us 2 cars or any other cars that we might be interestedin. He was patient, well dressed, and smelled good. He acted like it was a pleasure to serve us. He offered to help us if we had any future questions. (We are both in our 80's, so we were glad to be offered that opportunity.) Emmanuel couldn't have been better. I do have a question about the financial page. Emmanuel properly introduced us to Carolyn in the office. She read to us the various charges we would be paying for the car we chose. When she came to line for"Docs" she said the company charges $150 for Docs, and that she deducted $75.00 of that $150.00 amount for us. I looked at her when she quoted that amount to see a slight steely glint in her eyes. I decided not to say anything right then. We checked with our son, Dean, this AM and he said that he was at the table when Emmanuel had told us earlier that the company charges $75.00 for "Docs" , and that they decided to delete the $75 that was usually charged for Docs. Someone told us that $150 would be an outrageous amount to pay for Docs. So was Carolyn mistaken??